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50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Barbera Schoute

By August 2, 2020Conversations

50 Conversations with 50 Strangers with Barbera Schoute

The hardest thing about this conversation was that i was not able o t pro on correctly Barbera’s last name. After several completely muffed attempts, iand the acceptance that i just couldn’t say it correctly, we moved on to our conversation, which was so in sync.

Barbera was someone i had never met before but when she shared the characteristics of the highly sensitive person, it was as if she stole my playbook and told me who i am. needless to say, our conversation from then on went incredibly well and i loved meeting her and feeling the connection of how deeply we felt connected. have a listen and hear for yourself . . . .

to know more about Barbera, please go to:

her media sheet https://www.hspcoachbarbera.com/docs/Media-Sheet-HSPCoachBarbera.pdf

Website: www.hspcoachbarbera.com

E-mail: barbera@hspcoachbarbera.com

Phone: 00316-35117977

Facebook: /HSPCoachBarbera

Instagram: HSPCoachBarbera

LinkedIn: /HSPCoachBarberaSchouten

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