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Getting 2 Know U Pod 50-Danny: Author, Orator, Visionary, Hippy, Soul Whisperer, Possibly Santa

By July 4, 2020Media

Relax and get comfortable. This is a long podcast.  Have a Glass of wine, a scotch and a cigar, or a nice cup of tea and just enjoy the conversation. it is FUN!!!!!!

Danny shares stories about accepting and loving people for who they are as well as owning the false narratives he use to tell (), the life experiences that went into him writing “The Mosaic” including a billion dollar opportunity (), why being true to yourself matters so much (), his trip to Israel where he walked away from being a rabbi 1 day from being affirmed and the journey he went on to seek a blessing which involves long walks on deserted roads, dogs snipping at his heals, and non-refundable plane tickets () “Best 1st For Last” his greatest gift of having a developmentally delayed child ().Go to Danny’s website https://www.DanielBruceLevin.com for a copy of The Mosaic and to find out more about him.