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By February 12, 2019Blog


3 years ago, i finished writing The Mosaic.
and the lessons i have learned along the way are huge.

lesson 1 – things take time
i have always felt like this is a book for the ages
and that it’s impact will affect millions and millions of people.
i thought i would write this book,
send it to publishers,
tell my “friends” about it who would then tell their friends about it
we would sell lots of copies
and start to redefine the paradigm of the world
from a vertical paradigm where people fix those who need to be fixed
to a MOSAIC PARADIGM where just by coming together
we all become more than we are individually.
what i realize now is that growth happens more organically.
everything has it’s moment and i must prepare myself
so that when the moment comes, i embrace it.

lesson 2 – love is the only things that matters
whereas i have said this over and over, i have not felt it or lived it
i still don’t.
to love, to really love for me has been so hard
to let another person in, to have real intimacy,
i look forward to that moment.
i am learning patience. (see lesson 1 – things take time
and my destination has changed.
love is the destination. love is the journey. love is my purpose.
and no matter how many times, i stumble, i get up again
loving myself in the process.

lesson 3 – patience takes kindness
as crazy as this might sound, i now believe kindness is my religion
the dalai lama said that and i never understood it until this moment.
kindness to self is the practice of my new religion
it allows me to accept all that happens and surrender to it.

lesson 4 – silos
i/we have so many walls around me/us
i have been humbled by how few people really know themselves.
i/we have hidden behind the walls i/we use to protect my/ourselves
for so long, i/we have started to believe i/we are those walls
i am not those walls
and though they once protected me, they isolate me
and keep me removed from others.
there is no intimacy in my wall meeting your wall
and there is also no connection.

lesson 5 – be vulnerable
when i take down my wall, i stand unprotected
i can no longer hide behind who i want you to see, i am just me.
in that, there is so much freedom.

i could go on and on as The Mosaic has given me so much.
not only in the words, but in the space between the words.
it has been a gift to me and i so hope you experience it
and that it will be a gift also to you.

3 years. WOW!